Tuesday, May 7, 2024

A Slightly Better Week


The Durham Bulls are still in last place in the International League East. On the other hand, they did at least split their 6-game set with Gwinnett last week. We saw a slight improvement in ERA as well, so perhaps there’s some hope. But some of that improvement comes from Taj Bradley’s rehab starts and he will not be with the Bulls much longer (assuming that he’s still here).

Nashville is in town this morning. They aren’t have a very good year either.

Monday, April 22, 2024

Dismal Start for the Durham Bulls


I haven’t posted anything about the Bulls this year, new manager and all that. But the time has come.

In all the years I’ve been following the Durham Bulls I don’t think they have ever started off dead last. But here they are. Twenty-one games into the season and 5 games below .500.

Why? Pitching, pitching, pitching. 

They do have a team OPS of .843, but that is somewhat driven by that extraordinary 28 run game on April 9th and two 12-run games after that. Nevertheless, they have the worst record of the 20 teams in the International league. 

The pitching is dismal. The team ERA is 639, 19th of 20;  the WHIP of 1.57 is 17th; and the Opponents’ Batting Average is .282 -- 20th.

Will things get better at home (they’ve only played 6 of their 21 games at home this year -- thanks IL schedulers)? We can hope so. But they come home to face the best team in the IL this year. We’ll have to see.