Monday, April 22, 2024

Dismal Start for the Durham Bulls


I haven’t posted anything about the Bulls this year, new manager and all that. But the time has come.

In all the years I’ve been following the Durham Bulls I don’t think they have ever started off dead last. But here they are. Twenty-one games into the season and 5 games below .500.

Why? Pitching, pitching, pitching. 

They do have a team OPS of .843, but that is somewhat driven by that extraordinary 28 run game on April 9th and two 12-run games after that. Nevertheless, they have the worst record of the 20 teams in the International league. 

The pitching is dismal. The team ERA is 639, 19th of 20;  the WHIP of 1.57 is 17th; and the Opponents’ Batting Average is .282 -- 20th.

Will things get better at home (they’ve only played 6 of their 21 games at home this year -- thanks IL schedulers)? We can hope so. But they come home to face the best team in the IL this year. We’ll have to see.