Thursday, December 2, 2010

Three Bulls Back with Rays Organization; One Gone

Good news from the Rays today. J.J. Furmaniak, R.J. Swindle, and Richard de Los Santos have all been signed to minor league contracts with invitations to spring training. [Tampa Bay Rays]

We looked at J.J.'s season with the Bulls here; Richard's season here; and R.J.'s here. Here at WDBB we are really happy to hear they have a shot with the Rays and would be pleased to see them back with the Bulls in 2011.

Two other players were also signed, infielder Russ Canzler and RHP Cory Wade. Don’t know anything about them, but expect we may be seeing them in the coming year.

Meanwhile, to darken an otherwise pleasant day, DRaysBay is passing on a report that Winston Abreu has signed a deal with the Toronto Blue Jays. Given the terrific year he had with the Bulls in 2010, and the apparent lack of interest from the Rays, you had to expect that he would be looking elsewhere.

We wrote about Winston's 2010 season here. If the report is true, at least the Bulls won’t have to face Abreu if he ends up in AAA, the Blue Jay’s AAA team is Las Vegas.


  1. As they say itza bizzaness, got to go where the $$ is. Good Luck Abreu.

    I am in the process right now of finding a way to get Farmhand foods bratwurst into the DBAP.
    Anyone who might be curious as to how good they should stop by the Full steam Brewery in Durham on any Sunday from noon to 3 and try one

  2. I realize it's mostly a dead news time for the Bulls, but FYI:

    Aneury Rodriguez was selected by the Astros in the Rule 5 draft.

  3. Had not seen that. Thanks for putting it up. Wish him well.

  4. Joe Bateman signs with Oakland A's, too.

  5. That is too bad about Joe. I would think that anyone from the bullpen in this organization would stay with the team. With the Rays pretty much completely rebuilding their pen, I would think some of the Bulls would have a decent shot of making the big club.

  6. Thanks for the info Adam.
    Sorry to hear about Joe, but have to think that he'd been knocking at the Rays' door for a couple of years and they weren't listening. He sure helped out the Bulls a lot. Means that the 2011 Bulls are going to be even more different from 2010 than I expected.