Friday, October 7, 2011

Something to Worry About

Scroll down to the end of this little end of season piece by Marc Topkin of the St. Pete Times. He makes the perfectly logical speculation that if Rays bench coach Dave Martinez should get a manager job (Boston or Chicago), Charlie Montoyo would be in the running to move up.


  1. I had the same thought, and it seems reasonable to me. As much as I love having Montoyo here, he deserves it.

    That said, I think the interest in Martinez is overstated. He never even got an interview for the White Sox and the Red Sox will want a bigger name. There may be other spots that open and would be interested, but for now my money is on Martinez staying with the Rays next season.

  2. off topic comment here...

    I would like to give the finger to the idiot that redid the Bulls Website with banner ads...awful

  3. Don't much like the new website either. But it's of a piece with the top-down look/structure that you see on the MLB websites (notoriously slow in my experience).

  4. As a related note Rich Herrera has been released by the Rays. As you might remember, he and Neil used to swap from time to time. It's selfish to want Neil to stay with us, but at the very least if he does get a chance with the Rays, I hope the Bulls realize the quality of broadcaster they have and keep up that tradition.