Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hemstitching: Durham Bulls get a RHRP, and More

  • Reports are out there that the Rays have signed right-hander Jhonny Nunez to a minor league contract. We saw Nunez a couple of times last year when he was pitching for the Charlotte Knights. To be honest, can't say that I remember much about him other than the odd spelling of his name. He's 26 years old, has been in professional ball for a while, but only a few outings in the majors back in 2009. Stats Commentary. In all likelihood Nunez will spend spring training with the Rays and then become a reliever in waiting with the Durham Bulls.
  • For some insights into how the Rays approach minor league operations, check out the three-part interview with the boss, Chaim Bloom, over on Rays Prospects. Part I, Part II, Part III.
  • The Rays trade of former Bull catcher John Jaso for Seattle Mariners pitcher Josh Lueke has stirred quite a bit of controversy and philosophizing. See items here, here, and here. I suppose it's possible that Leuke to show up in Durham. We'll see.
  • Update on the Collective Bargaining Agreement. I left out the part where major league teams can have 26, instead of 25, man rosters for double-header days. That will lead to a startling outbreak of honesty in the majors. Typically a bench position player gets "hurt" and goes on the DL to make room for one of Durham's starters, when a) the Bulls have a pitcher the Rays want to look at and/or 2) they don't want to screw up their rotation. The impact on the Bulls? Not much or, said another way, it won't screw around with the Bulls rotation any more than it usually does.
  • What about that Hubble photo up top? Nothing to do with baseball, I just thought it was pretty. Here's a link to a very cool Hubble Advent Calendar. New photo every day.

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