Saturday, September 1, 2012

More *&#!

Bulls infielder Will Rhymes was designated for assignment today to allow Jeff Niemann to come off the Rays’ disabled list. That means that Rhymes will have to clear waivers to play for the Bulls. I don't see how that can happen before the end of the Bulls season.

That also means that the Bulls go into tonight’s game with exactly 9 position players. I wonder if any of those guys in the bullpen would like to DH if something goes awry? How about tonight’s starter, Alex Torres as a DH instead of pitching? Probably wouldn't be any worse. Cant' pitch, maybe he can hit.

Gotta admit that's an interesting twist to the game. Usually it's a position player who goes out the mound as a sacrificial lamb. Maybe tonight we'll see roles reversed, with a pitcher having to borrow a bat and getting a quick class from hitting coach Dave Myers on which end to hold.

Also noticed that former Bull Russ Canzler was called up to the Cleveland Indians. That makes four of last year's favorite Bulls playing in the majors for teams other than the Rays (Johnson, Olmedo, Ruggiano, and Canzler, although I haven't seen Johnson on any on the lists, just in Indy Week.)


  1. Rhymes cleared waivers and thus remains with the organization, though I doubt he has a contract beyond this season. Great guy, I hope he can find a situation to match.

  2. Slightly surprised that he did clear waivers. Suarez, who also cleared waivers, is one of those Rule 5 guys. So not claiming him now might mean no one will claim him with that draft comes up.

    Rhymes seemed to be a great guy. Rays must have been convinced that he didn't have the defensive range of Brignac, otherwise think it would have been Brignac DFA'd.