Friday, October 5, 2012

Bulls by the Bay: How Did They Do?

Eight players who spent the bulk of their season with the Durham Bulls were called up to Tampa Bay for the month of September and a couple of games in October. We know they very likely made more money in that month than they did for the entire rest of the year, but what else happened to them?

Well, mostly they sat on the bench. Of the position players only catcher Chris Gimenez saw significant playing time. Only Chris Archer among the pitchers spent much time on the mound.

  • Chris Gimenez appeared in 18 games in September and October. In fact, he started the last five games of the season, which says a lot since the Rays were making a run in those very games. He also went 13 for 32 in September and October for a .406 batting average. 
  • Outfielder Rich Thompson appeared in 14 games in September and October. He didn’t start a game, mostly coming in to pinch-run in late innings. To that end, he stole 4 bases and scored 2 runs. At bat he was 1 for 5. 
  • Reid Brignac and Stephen Vogt essentially sat on the bench. Brignac played in 8 games, started none, and had 4 ABs (0-4). Stephen Vogt also played in 8 games. He only started one game, the last game, at DH. At bat he was 0-8. Stephen is awaiting his first big league hit.
  • Pitcher Chris Archer was comparatively busy. He appeared in 4 games in September — a 7 inning start against the Rangers, as the 9th pitcher in a 14 inning marathon against Baltimore (3 ⅔ innings), a winning 5 inning start against Boston, and a 2 inning relief appearance at the end of September. That was 17 ⅔  innings overall.
  • At the other extreme was Dane De La Rosa who made one-inning appearances in four games.
  • Brandon Gomes had five appearances for 6 innings.
  • Cesar Ramos also had five appearances but put in 5 ⅓ innings.

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