Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hemstitching: Rhymes, Beckham, Wrigley, and More ...

  • Will Rhymes, who played in 46 games with the Bulls last year, has signed with the Washington Nationals. We liked watching him play the game.
  • Tim Beckham, who was with the Bulls almost all of last year except for his 50-game suspension, has been moved to the Rays’ 40-man roster. Also on the 40-man is much-talked-about infielder Hak-Ju Lee, who has not yet made it to Durham.
  • Henry Wrigley became a free agent over a month ago, but haven’t heard anything since then.
  • Rich Thompson, on the other hand, is back in the fold. Hoorah! Along with Rich, veteran infielder Mike Fontenot signed a minor league deal. Fontenot played mostly with the Phillies last year with a few games in Lehigh Valley. (Stats)
  • In addition to Thompson and Fontenot, the Rays have also signed RHP Matt Buschmann, who spent most of 2012 in Montgomery, but did have two starts with the Bulls. And they have signed one of my favorites from 2012, Shawn O’Malley
  • Two others, RHP Will Inman and IB Nick Weglarz are new to the Rays and, if they show up, will be new to the Bulls. Inman, however, pitched for Pawtucket last year and we’ve probably seen him.
  • Former Durham Bull Jonny Gomes seems to think that his time in Durham will help him in left field in Fenway.
When he was a prospect in the Tampa organization and playing at Triple-A Durham, Gomes says he imagined himself one day playing left field for the Red Sox at Fenway Park. The left field wall at the Bulls’ ballpark in Durham has similarities to the Green Monster and it was then when he began to learn how to handle the complexities of the position.

          Yeah, that really helped former Bull Carl Crawford ...


  1. I guess if Will Rhymes makes the big club I will finally have to break down and buy a Nationals hat, and go to a game there.

  2. If he doesn't make the big club he might be with Syracuse and we could get to see him in May (6-10). But I'd much prefer he stick with the Nationals. Seems like if he gets a chance, and has a good spring, he ought to be able to do that.