Sunday, October 6, 2013

Durham Bulls Are .125 in Playoffs

Jonny Gomes on Rehab Assignment, May 30, 2007
Fairly simple, if a bit deceptive, arithmetic going on here. Eight teams are in the playoffs. They can have twenty-five players, thus 200 in playoffs. If we look at those rosters, we find 25 have worn a Durham Bulls uniform. Ergo: 12½% were Bulls.

Sixteen are with the Tampa Bay Rays. No surprise there, although one, Sam Fuld, was only in Durham for a very brief rehab stint. The others we saw more of at various times: Chris Archer, Alex Cobb, Jeremy Hellickson, Jake McGee, Matt Moore, David Price, Alex Torres, Jose Lobaton, Evan Longoria, Ben Zobrist, Matt Joyce, Sean Rodriguez, Delmon Young, Wil Myers, and Desmond Jennings.

 Then there are those who are elsewhere:
  • Jonny Gomes with the Boston Red Sox
  • Elliot Johnson and B.J. Upton with the Atlanta Braves.
  • Grant Balfour and Stephen Vogt with the Oakland A’s.
  • J.P. Howell and Carl Crawford with the LA Dodgers.
  • Joquin Benoit with the Detroit Tigers
  • Randy Choate with the St. Louis Cardinals.
Seems the Bulls front office could turn this into a marketing gimmick somehow. You really are seeing future stars when you come to a Bulls game.

Note: Thanks to a regular reader for help in remembering a couple of these guys (Benoit and Choate). Did I miss anyone else?


  1. Scott Kazmir was on the Indians roster for the Wild Card game. He was a Bull. Does Hayhurst broadcasting the games count?

  2. Didn't count the play in game because 1) too lazy to chase down the full 25-man rosters for that moment (Ryan Reid for Pirates?), 2) math wouldn't be as pretty. Assuming Kazmir the only one, then it's .104 which doesn't have quite the ring to it. If Kazmir and Ried then .108. Nevertheless, point taken, should have chased down. Suspect no longer available.
    Hayhurst? He seems to be popping up a lot recently. Must have another book coming out.

  3. Kiermaier was on wild card roster against Indians.