Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bulls Hitters So Far

Overall, the Bulls hitting crew is tied with the Lehigh Valley IronPigs for batting average, and is 4th in the IL in OPS. This list is limited to those players with more than 50 plate appearances and is sorted by wOBA (weighted on-base average). Another stat in the table isn't very typical either, wRAA, which purports to measure a player's contribution.

What jumps out at me is how miserable a year Casey Gillaspie is having, so far. Undoubtedly he will improve, but it has to be extremely frustrating for him this year. Another prospect who is not having a good year at bat is Willy Adames, but not as bad as Gillaspie.

Of course, I have to point out that Dayron Varona was making a significant contribution to the team before getting released.

Update: I failed to credit the source of these data. My apologies to Fangraphs


  1. I'd be curious to see Adames' wRAA plotted across time this season. He started off terrible, but has been reasonably hot lately. Seems like he's getting used to AAA.

  2. Wish I could do that as well, get some trends. But I've been too lazy to update every day. I'm not sure how often fangraphs updates their data. Ooops. I didn't give them credit in the blog. I'll go back and do that. I think you're right about Adames. Hope so.