Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Even Up

Game 3
Durham Bulls 0; Charlotte Knights 5
Wrap, Box

Game 4
Durham Bulls 4; Gwinnett Stripers 2
Wrap, Box

Season: 2-2

Ugly weather day at the DBAP. I never made it out there.  I watched via MiLB. I have to point out that the two Bulls wins so far have been gifts from the opposing pitchers. But it's early days.

Who Are These Guys? - The Pitchers
(In order of appearance this year)
  • Chih-Wei Hu, RHSP, got the first start. This will be the third year that he's spent time with the Bulls. Last year he began as a starter and finished as a reliever. Now he's back as a starter. His first appearance this year was not very impressive.
  • Cody Hall, RHRP,  is coming to the Bulls out of indy ball, but has a fair amount of AAA time with Pacific Coast League teams. He's appeared in relief in Games 1 and 4 (getting a win)
  • Adam Kolarek, LHRP, is a back-and-forth to the Rays reliever from the last two years and we like him a lot. He did give up some hits in his first appearance, but did fine his second time out.
  • Ryne Stanek, RHRP, had 36 appearances with the Bulls and 19 with the Rays last year. He's already made three this year. Not sure why he didn't stay with Rays out of spring training, but likely to go back any day now.
  • Anthony Banda, LHSP, started game 2 and he looked very good. Banda was part of a complicated trade with the Arizona Diamondbacks and is considered a top prospect. He is on the Rays 40-man.
  • Ian Gibault, RHRP, is coming up through the Rays system. His relief appearance in game 2 was his AAA debut. 
  • Hunter Wood, RHRP,  was a really interesting guy to watch last year and extremely important in the playoffs. He's made two appearances and picked up his first save yesterday.
  • Jose Mujica, RHSP, got the start (his AAA debut) and the loss for game 3. He is the youngest pitcher on the team, coming up through the Rays system. My guess is that he will be either stick around and be thoroughly tested or go back to AA for more work.
  • Jonny Venters, LHRP, made his first appearance in game 3. He was helpful in the playoffs last year, but mostly he's been battling injuries for the last several years as he recovers from Tommy John surgeries. He could be a real asset if he continues on his healing track.
  • Jamie Schultz, RHRP, is back and we're happy about that. He's running out of time, but we love seeing him on the mound. Good luck. 
  • Diego Castillo, RHRP, opened his 2018 season with one inning's work and 3K's. We would expect no less. He had 3 saves in the playoffs, following a terrific post-All-Star break season with the Bulls.
  • Vidal Nuno, LHSP,  started game 4. He's bounced around a lot in his career over several years and a good bit of major league time. He looked just fine yesterday, just giving up the one home run. 
  • Forrest Snow, RHRP, made his first appearance in game 4. He's got AAA time over 8 seasons. He took free agency at the end of last season and was signed by the Rays.
Note: RHP Ryan Weber never made it to the mound. He was called up by the Rays during the Bulls game 3

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