Saturday, September 7, 2019

Game Two to the Bulls

NC survived Dorian. Flag replaced at Frying Pan

The Bulls skipped a day, but all is well.

We got to see some fine baseball last night. New guy Josh Fleming pitched 8 terrific innings (and was the ONLY Bulls pitcher to go 8 innings this year). Jake Cronenworth made a couple of nifty plays at shortstop and looked like the player we grew to love this year. Was I worried about the two times the Bulls left the bases loaded? You bet. But all was well at the end.

A nice feature of playoff baseball is that the crowds may be a bit small (3,600), but they are all Bulls fans (with the notable exception of the Yankees/RailRider fan sitting behind me, but, hey, still a serious fan). That means everyone is paying attention. That meant that when Sam McWilliams was pulled after just two batters in the 8th, they gave him a hard time. But when it turned out that, due to the "3 batter rule" he had to come back in, McWilliams was then applauded for a stellar play covering first base.

Arturo Reyes got his first save in his pro career to wrap it up.

By now the Bulls are up in Scranton, or is it Wilkes-Barre, or is it Moosic, Pennsylvania getting ready to play the third game of a best-of-three series.

Meanwhile, over in Columbus, Ohio, the Clippers could not close the deal against the Strippers, losing Game 3 10-6. They are 2-1.


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