Monday, April 10, 2023

Winning Week in Jax; Matchup


The Durham Bulls went down to Jacksonville, Florida for a week and did OK by getting their first wins of the season. They won three games, lost two, and one got rained out. It's still hard to get a handle on the numbers for this year. The one that stands out is the number of unearned runs they are letting through. Per 9 innings they are letting in 1.4 runs. That's an exceptionally bad number. The team ERA of 5.62 is pretty ugly as well. 

A modest hole has been punched into the lineup with the Rays calling up Vidal Brujan and Jonathan Aranda. Both are very good players with Aranda off to a particularly solid start this year. Have not heard of any replacements.

This week sees the Lehigh Valley IronPigs come to town. They are Philadelphia's Triple-A team. The table has their matchup numbers, but we are way too early in the season to put much stock in them.

On the other hand, the Tampa Bay Rays, the Bulls' parent club, is off to an amazing start to their season. They've won 9 games against 3 different teams without losing any. Congrats!

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