Saturday, September 23, 2023

Durham Bulls Win 2nd Half


The Durham Bulls' brilliant end-or-season run resulted in a championship of the second half of the International League. And what a run it has been. Standings.

Let’s start with game 130 on 1 September. On that date, the Bulls were 11 games over 500 and tied with the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. Starting then, the Bulls played 19 games and won 16 of them. They are now 23 games over .500 with two games to play in the regular season. That’s simply remarkable. In that time the team ERA has dropped from 4.77 to 4.55 and the team OPS has risen from .816 to .829. Again, remarkable. Their run differential soared from +57 to +132, beyond remarkable.

They’ve got two more games down in Gwinnett to finish the season and then off to Norfolk for the first playoff game on Tuesday against the first-half champions, the Norfolk Tides.

My assumption is that we will be able to watch on and listen on the radio. At least that’s what I do, muting the streaming. 

My guess is that today’s storm may disrupt the East Coast games, but will not affect final standings..

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