Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tampa Bay Rays Reach .500

In mid-June the Tampa Bay Rays were 18 games below .500 and I made the comment that they would be doing well if they could get up to .500 by the end of the season. In mid-July I even created a chart (of course I did) that plotted a path to .500 and noted that they were doing a bit better than could be expected.

Well, yesterday they reached .500 at game #122 on the season, very likely breaking all sorts of records. So, it’s only fair that we update our chart.

Congratulations Tampa Bay!

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Update: 24 August

Back from our travels. Seems only fair to take a look at what happened while we were away.

24 August 2014

Update: 27 August

Drifting back downwards. Will they get back by the end of the year?

26 August 2014
Update: 1 September

Sliding down to the path. Can they stay on it?

31 August
Update: 11 September
Not looking good.

10 September

A last update: 29 September
Could not get back on track.

28 September

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