Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dykstra to Rays

If you looked closely at yesterday’s Orioles-Rays box score (I did not) you might have noticed that a guy we expected to see playing for the Bulls tonight was down there in St. Petersburg playing first base, Allan Dykstra. He was called up to fill in for the Rays first baseman.

His two times to the plate were his first ever major league at-bats in his pro career (a RBI-earning BB and a K).  

Shades of last year when Vince Belnome was called up before the season started. At a guess Mr. Dykstra will be back once the Rays’ regular first baseman comes off the DL. Dykstra was the guy who hammered a bunch of home runs for the Triple-A All-Star home run derby last year. Big guy that I was hoping to see bring some power to the Bulls this year. However, here’s his chance. Good luck.

The Process Report, a Rays blog, had a couple of comments on the promotion, here and here.


  1. Unfortunately Dykstra didn't earn the RBI, that was Forsythe's RBI BB, but still good for him being called up. I suspect we'll see him at some point though.

  2. Opps! Thanks. Fixed.
    I'm sure he'll be back as soon as DL list situation sorts itself out. Nice that he gets a chance, though.