Friday, April 3, 2015

Hemstitching: Roster Speculation, Mike Montgomery, EJ to LA, and more

In the weaver’s world the word “hemstitching” is used for two purposes: to tie up loose ends (literally, because an “end” is a thread in a warp) and for decoration.
Season begins in 6 days. First home game in 12 days. 
  • If you’ve missed it, check out the latest roster speculations over on the Hit Bulls Win Blog
  • Bulls fans will remember left-hander Mike Montgomery, who showed up in Durham along with Wil Myers and Jake Odorizzi back in 2013, out of the Royals system. Odorizzi is the last man standing from that trade as Montgomery is off to Seattle. Montgomery started off 2014 in great style, but his some kind of wall mid-season and never recovered. Odorizzi is set to be a starter for the Rays. Wil Myers is with the Padres.
  • Regular fans are surely going to be asked what’s going on all year with the “pitch clock”. I commend to you all this article about a bunch of “pace of play” changes that will be in place for all of Triple-A this year. I will surely be writing my own summary eventually, but I want to see it in practice first. And listen to what our own Patrick Kinas has to say about it.
  • One of my favorite ex-Bulls, Elliot Johnson, is off to the LA Dodgers. Speculation there is that he will start the season with their Triple-A team the Oklahoma City Dodgers (neé RedHawks). Not my favorite city, but understand they’ve got a nice park. Good luck!

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