Monday, July 6, 2015

In Another Universe Floro Gets Those First 11 Pitches Back

Hak-Ju Lee grabs grounder, touches bag, throws to first base for DP that ends a painful 1st inning. Tim Beckham watches. Bulls v Tides, 7/5/15. DBAP. Photo thanks to Sue Roth

Season: 43-40; Home Stand: 0-2
Wrap, Box, Herald-Sun

I found Cracker Jack on the way into the park (next-to-last concession on the third base side), got a cold drink, found my seat, and settled in. The Bulls were not doing well at home this year. At 19-18 at home on the season, they were doing a good bit better on the road (24-21). Another oddity for my blog, I thought.

Looking back now we hope that in another one of those universes the cosmologists pontificate about, the first six Norfolk at-bats were different. But not in this universe.

After Dylan Floro’s first two pitches a run had scored and a runner was on second base. Two pitches later the runner on second was driven in and a runner was on first base. Two more singles and a grand slam home run and the score, after six batters and 11 pitches, was 6-0. I hadn’t even opened up my Cracker Jack bag (Note: I preferred the old silver-wrapped boxes, to be honest).

Floro was quoted in the Herald-Sun this morning:
“I changed the game plan a little bit coming into the second inning.” 
I should hope so. He did have a decent additional six innings, giving up just 4 more hits over 6 innings as the Bulls chipped away at the lead. Not enough, obviously.

John Jaso, last seen in the DBAP as a regular in 2009, and on rehab visits in 2010 and 2011, has been off to Seattle and the Oakland A’s. He was back last night on a rehab visit sporting a lot more hair. At DH, 1 for 5.

Kirby Yates is back from Tampa Bay and struck out the side in the 8th.

The Bulls are now 19-19 at home and 1 for 8 in the last 9 home games.


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