Monday, July 13, 2015

On to the All-Star Break

Season: 47-43; At Home: 21-21; This Home Stand: 1-2
Wrap, Box, Herald-Sun

The Bulls don’t do well in extra innings this year and they didn’t do well yesterday. But it’s the All-Star break, as we were endlessly reminded over the radio. So let’s take a couple of days off and see what happens when Pawtucket comes to town on Thursday.

Boy do we like watching Boog Powell play baseball. It seems each season the Bulls get a player who is just a joy to watch — Kevin Kiermaier and Fernando Perez from previous seasons come to mind. This year that player has got to be Boog Powell who runs the bases with élan and yesterday dove into the stands after a foul ball. See the video below. Interviewed after the game he said that he didn’t even know he’d made the catch until he checked out his glove. Also, made a point of tossing the ball to the woman in whose lap he’d landed.

Nice to have a real starting pitcher back. Matt Adriese did just fine (GSc-69)

Outside the game —
  • Tim Beckham has been called up to the Rays. The Rays shortstop has pulled a hamstring. Beckham was to have started the season with the Rays before his own injury, so here’s his chance.
  • A couple of good articles in this morning’s N&O. The first is a profile of the official scorer of the Bulls home games, Brent Belvin. The second is a well above average profile of former Bull (and home town hero) Chris Archer.
  • The Bulls have had the same umpiring crew for the last nine games. I’d imagine they are getting tired of each other. 
  • Watch this space for All-Star break charts!

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