Saturday, April 23, 2016

Win, Roster Moves, and More

The Durham Bulls go into a double-header today after a rainout and a flurry of roster transactions following Thursday’s win:

Game 15, April 21, Harbor Park, Norfolk, Virginia
Durham Bulls: 4; Norfolk Tides: 2; 10 innings
Season: 9-6; Trip: 5-3
Wrap, Box, Virginian-Pilot

On a very windy day, the game went into the 10th tied at 2-2. A Richie Shaffer double made all the difference and Jhan Marinez got his second win in relief.

But then things got busy.
  • Blake Snell got called up to pitch against the Yankees. This attracted a lot of attention in the webworld, including these notes from the Tampa Tribune, Rays Index, MLB Trade Rumors. Apparently he will be sent back to the Bulls after his start today.
  • Young Chih-Wei Hu has been called up from Montgomery to fill Snell’s spot. He’s carrying an ERA of 0.00 in his first two starts with the Biscuits. He could be fun to watch if he gets a start in Durham. Stats.
  • MLB Trade Rumors reported that Rays reliever Danny Farquhar was being sent down. Have not seen that anywhere else and not quite sure how that works out.
  • Mikie Mahtook went on the disabled list for a pulled muscle, joining Luke Maile, who may, or may not, come off soon.
  • To fill Mahtook’s spot Cameron Seitzer has returned from “extended spring training”. Seitzer played in game 1 this year, and several games last year. He was taken off the roster to make room for veteran Jake Goebbert. Goebbert is batting .050 in his 11 games (2 for 40 with 5BB) since being claimed from the  Pirates. Seems like the Bulls would have been better off if Seitzer hadn’t been gathering rust these last 14 games.
Outside the game —
  • The DBAP got new infield grass (So now I get to worry about brown patches in right field). All because those Trinity College guys are messing things up. And then the ACC tournament is coming. But does look good from the stadium cam
  • N&O columnist Jake Shaffer reported that Peanut Guy, Da’Quan Samuel, got “fired” because season ticket holders were getting annoyed. Well, yeah, Samuel was a bit over-the-top, but so is Shaffer. “The peanuts will never taste as good.” Really? On the other hand, the column got a comments supporting Samuel. For myself, after two years, yeah, I got annoyed sometimes. Particularly on days when the stands were almost empty. On the other hand, on an Education Day it was fun.


  1. Farquhar was sent down to make room on the 25 man for Snell. He doesn't count against the Bulls roster until he actually shows up, hence why we can carry the other 2, but Hu will be sent down after today so we'll have room then.

    As for peeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaanuts, I think it depends on why you go to Bulls games. If you're a family with the kids going to 1 or 2 games a year, then it's part of the experience. You're not watching the game with any level of seriousness anyway. If you're a bit more of a dedicated Bulls fan who cares about the outcome, then the lack of game awareness when he got the chants going was annoying over time. Regardless, it sounds like three was more to the story if you read the stuff that WRAL had reported.

    1. Thanks re Farquhar. So he may never show up since Snell likely to get sent back as soon as he pitches? Didn't see WRAL stuff and can't find it now. I overheard staff was more annoyed than the fans.

  2. Well Farquhar can't be recalled for whatever the minimum # of days is (10 I think) unless there's an injury. Whether that means he shows up at the Bulls is anyone's guess.