Thursday, September 1, 2016

Grand Slam! Now for Hermine!

The Bulls play the Braves three games in Georgia. Possible to catch up. Norfolk is playing in Charlotte. Charlotte could catch up as well. And then there's the hurricane that's coming ashore just south of Atlanta.
Game 138, Tuesday, 30 August, DBAP
Columbus Clippers: 5
Durham Bulls: 1
Wrap, Box, Herald-Sun
Game Score: Schultz 38; Season Avg 52 (27 starts, 130.2 innings)
Tm OPS: Game .388; Season .677; Diff -.289

Game 139, Wednesday, 31 August DBAP
Columbus Clippers: 3
Durham Bulls: 7
Season: 61-78; Home Stand: 2-4; Games Left: 5
Wrap, Box, Herald-Sun
Game Score: Pruitt 48; Season Avg 54 (27 starts, 158.2 innings)
Tm OPS: Game 1.113; Season .680; Difference +.433

The Bulls loaded the bases and/or got runners to third base several times Wednesday night. But the last time was the time that made the difference. Jayron Varona's grand slam (he was going for a sac fly, but oops!) won it all.

The Bulls are traveling into the teeth of Hurricane Hermine (what kind of name is that?) to play Gwinnett for the South Division championship. The Braves are 2½ games ahead of the Bulls and they play three games down in Georgia. However, the hurricane is a'comin and there's little time left for makeup games. The challenge is to 1) play the games and 2) win the games they play. If they win just some of the games, then the Knights could sneak into the lead, and keep it.

Outside the game —
  • For as long as we've been going to Bulls games Bill Law was a presence. It's going to be odd not seeing him there anymore. RIP.
  • Arizona Fall League info is out. We don't follow that at all, but notice that the manager of one of the teams is to be Jared Sandberg. The league has become primarily a AA prospect venue in recent years.
  • Former Bull Tim Beckham has been playing sloppy ball with the Rays lately. So they are going to punish him by sending him to the Bulls! How great is that? So now the Bulls are a penal colony for recalcitrant shortstops? Or is he a first baseman now? I forget. More stories here and here. Of course, just a month ago Beckham was a hero.
  • In a similar vein, former Bull Desmond Jennings has cleared waivers
  • No word yet on September callups.


  1. Final score last night was actually 7-3.