Thursday, May 26, 2022

Durham Bulls Reach .500!


The Durham Bulls got their record up to 22-22 (standings) with a win over the Charlotte Knights last night. This is the first time they've been at .500 since the 4th game of the season, April 8th. That's a big deal. 

What changed? How did they manage to crawl out of that hole they were in back on  May 11th? A baseball truism holds—it was the pitching. A look at the box score for April 8 and the box score for last night shows that the position players were almost exactly the same. The exceptions were Ruben Cardenas who played April 8th was on the bench last night and Ford Proctor, on the bench back in April, was at 3rd base. Pitchers? That was different. But, to be honest, I was surprised that there were any similarities at all. Both games saw 6 pitchers and two of them, Phoenix Sanders and Joel Peguero, pitched in relief in both games. 

Maybe it's just learning to play together. This is a very young team with not a lot of experience at Triple-A.

Here's hoping they can keep it up.

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