Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blogging the Bulls

The Rays’ spring training starts tomorrow, so today seems like a good day to start a blog about the Bulls. I’m learning about blogging (and learning about how to chase down information about the Bulls). My hope is that by the time the first game is played on April 5th I’ll have the hang of this.

That way I’ll be able to talk about the Bulls and won’t be spending time figuring out the mechanics of blogging.

In the meantime, here’s a link that speculates on the Rays’ 40-man roster. The importance to the Bulls is that most of the folks on the 40-man roster who don’t make the core 25-man roster will be playing for the Bulls at the beginning of the season.


  1. Hi Chris -

    We have every confidence that you'll be putting together a top-notch blog. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Hi Chris, I echo Dave/Sue's comment. I appreciate anyone who promotes a Rays affiliate and will make sure to add you to our links page. If I can be of any help with Blogger (I started out like you, knew nothing, don't worry, you learn more every day) or otherwise please send me an email. Best of luck!

    Doug -