Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Players We Won't See in 2009 -- Jeff Neimann

We had a lot of fun watching Jeff last year, but it looks like we are unlikely to see him this season. According to The Tampa Tribune he is out of options and would have to be put on waivers. So he will be looking for a spot in either the starting rotation or the bullpen for the Rays.

To learn more than you probably want to know about waivers, certainly more than I wanted to know, check out this link .

Too bad because it was interesting to watch opposing batters try to adjust to a 6'9" guy looking down on them from the mound. Think he might make one heck of a reliever.

Based on my charts from last year, he was the best of our starting pitchers in my favorite pitcher stat, the opponents on base percentage (also known as OBA, On Base Against). His was .265, which meant that only about a quarter of the batters he faced ever got on base with a hit, walk, or hit by pitch. Pretty darn good and better than any of Tampa’s pitchers last year. So I wish him well.

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