Sunday, February 15, 2009

Who's in Camp?

The Bulls website has some downloads about spring training here. One of the those downloads is the Rays spring training roster and some old friends of ours are on the list. For now, I’ll just mention the position players I think could show up in Durham this year, since it makes my head hurt to think about the combinations and permutations of the pitching situation.


We saw Michel Hernandez and Matt Spring last year. A good, solid, experienced catcher is absolutely crucial to the Bulls and I have no doubt that the Rays understand that. Hernandez fills that bill. I suspect Matt Spring is someone that the Rays are looking to bring up in a year or so. And there’s a big name prospect somewhere down the in the chain who’s name I don’t remember at the moment.


Reid Brignac leads the list. It really hurt the Bulls last year when he went on the disabled list (if for no other reason than it exposed Guzman’s lack of range at 3rd base). Seems to me a sure thing that he’ll be with us for further development unless someone in Tampa gets hurt.

Can’t say how pleased I am to see Chris Richard on the list. Really hope that he’s back on our team this year.

Elliot Johnson we all know well. Seems a good chance we’ll see him back here.

Chris Nowak didn’t exactly shine at the end of last year. We’ll see. He surely did well at Montgomery.


Sure do have mixed feelings about Fernando Perez. He’s the most exciting player we’ve had in Durham in a long while, even as he struggled with the Rays-imposed diktat that he become a switch-hitter. In the abstract, sure seems he’d be better off here in Durham rather than working as a speed specialist in Tampa, because he could become a real all-tool player. Besides, I’d like to see him a few more times.

And Jon Weber’s there. Good for him. Undoubtedly the guy who kept the Bulls going in the last of the 2007 season and the middle third of last season. Extraordinary energy level, and seems like nobody gets to second base safely when he’s playing the Blue Monster. Don’t think the Rays have room for him, so expect him back if he’s willing to sign.


  1. Andrea (mostly) and John will enjoy following this blog. I am sure that you are up to the task Chris. Not sure whatever happend to Kim and Co. but glad to see that a blog will now continue.
    Hi to the gang in 208 and thanks for all the info. on 'my guy' Jonny. Good luck to you and the Bulls in the 2009 season.

  2. GREAT to see this site. I'm a season ticket holder and go to almost every game so I'll chime in when it adds value. Jon Weber is expected to be with the Bulls this year which we were thrilled to here. We should also have back Justin Ruggiano to go along with Web in the outfield along w Perez if were really lucky...but I doubt it. Hopefully Reid will have a breakout season. .290, 15-20 HR's and grab a few more walks....I know the scouts knock him for that.

  3. Welcome. Please do chime in when you get a chance. Here's hoping we don't have a miserable April. Simply isn't baseball when you have to wear a winter coat to the game.