Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Biscuits Bump Bulls Up

Before getting to yesterday’s game we noticed that this info is out there, so I thought I’d pass it along.

Stacy Long, reporter/blogger for the Montgomery Advertiser is reporting that six more (!) Biscuits are headed for Durham/Louisville. I plead ignorance on just how these players would manage to appear on the Bulls active roster, but the Rays front office is nothing if not creative on manipulating those rules to their various teams’ benefit. The guy/gal you have to feel sorry for is the person who has to get six more Bulls uniforms ready.

We have seen catcher Craig Albernaz and outfielder Rashad Eldridge (Eldridge scored the winning run in last year's championship game) before. Welcome back!

Catcher Matt Spring and infielder Drew Anderson add two position players. Then two more pitchers, right-handed reliever Dane De La Rosa and starter Alexander Cobb are on the way (already here?). Stats for this year’s Biscuits are here.

Update/Correction: It is right-hander Alexander Cobb, not as I originally had in this post, Alexander Torres. My error. Cobb is also a starter, but not on the 40-man.

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