Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Waiting For Earl

Hurricane Fran Comes Ashore, September 6, 1996

Game 136: Durham Bulls 5; Charlotte Knights 2
Season: 85-52; Home Games Remaining: 6
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One thing newcomers to the Triangle should feel obligated to do when hurricane season opens is listen to the old-timers’ stories of Hurricane Fran. Fran arrived here on September 6, 1996 and has been the source of countless anecdotes ever since. Want proof? At the game tonight lean over and ask your neighbors what happened to them in ‘96 and you are sure to hear tales of chainsawing their way out of neighborhoods, huge cook outs prevent the waste of thawing food, and more. They’ve been waiting to tell you.

In the meantime, Earl is on his way.

All we really care about, of course, is whether or not Earl will have an effect on the rest of the Bulls home stand/season. Doesn’t look too bad at the moment. Not sure about the Norfolk area, though.

Last night’s game has been covered pretty well, and I was out for yet another night. So I’ll just jump to the oddities.

Consider the case of Nevin Ashley, a guy who has never played above AA. He came to the game yesterday and discovered that he was in charge, he was the only catcher on the roster. His backup? Maybe Joe Dillon. You figure he has at least seen Brian Baker’s stuff while warming up. In his one other game (against Charlotte at Charlotte last Sunday) he caught Mike Ekstrom and Winston Abreu. And, since Jake McGee has been in Montgomery all year, you figure he’s seen a lot of McGee. But what about R. J. Swindle? How do you get ready for a guy like Swindle?

Turns out that he did just fine. He looked pretty good from what I could see. In fact, Ashley did something I’ve never seen before. He got the ump to reconsider a checked swing on the grounds that it was a foul tip. Homeplate ump Derik Crabill was talked into checking with a colleague and awarded the strike. But I still really miss Alvin Colina.

Bulls pitching didn’t walk a single batter until the 8th inning. Montoyo’s and Hernandez’ obsession with walks has been paying dividends all year and last night was just another example.

Chris Richard got all of the Bulls’ extra base hits.

Justin Ruggiano left in the 7th inning, apparently hurt when he went into the centerfield wall. Hope he’s back tonight.

Neal Solondz is down in St. Petersburg and he got a terrific interview with Dan Johnson about being named International League MVP, with comments on Charlie Montoyo as a manager and what’s happening with the Rays.

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  1. Yes I remember 1996 what a PIA that was...Hopefully we will just get a soaker of rain this time around.

    So I’ll just jump to the oddities.

    I think that will be the prevailing theme of the remainder of this season at the DBAP ...hOOOOAHHH