Monday, September 13, 2010

McGee to Tampa Bay?

Marc Tompkin of the St. Petersburg Times is reporting this morning that Jake McGee might be called up today. Unfortunately, I have to admit that the call-up makes sense. The Rays are starting an important series against the Yankees tonight in that bandbox between the beach and the bay.

Could be a tough introduction for Mr. McGee, but from what we've seen here he's up to it. Fits with Indy Week's Adam Sobsey's speculation noted yesterday.

Is that why McGee sat back down last night? Sure thought I saw him get up just after Abreu went in. If we hear more, we'll just update this post.


For more commentary on why the Rays might want to bring McGee up, see Jason Collette at Dock of the Rays. Or Steve Slowinski at DRaysBay.

Neither mention that the Bulls are playing for the Governors' Cup!!! (sigh...)


  1. One of the links does mention we're in the finals.

    But another non-mentioned reason is that Soriano said his back felt poor last night after the blown walk-off save.

    There's some speculation that Benoit might take some closer duties to rest Soriano which would make McGee a setup man possibility.

    Bad news for us. I wonder if this is why Charlie used McGee in the 8-0 game. I was really surprised that Downs wasn't pitching that.

  2. Guess I was feeling grumpy as I was reading through those links. Did miss that the finals were mentioned.

    I emailed the Bulls and asked if McGee was on the bus to Columbus or a plane to Tampa. I got a good-natured response that said I was welcome to come down and take a look, that the bus was leaving in about 20 minutes, but that they couldn't say anything one way or the other.

    Guess that we'll find out soon enough.

    Check out the bullpen tonight, think the Rays/Yankees game is on MLB TV.