Saturday, October 9, 2010

Johnson & Weber

Elliot Johnson Working Out With Mazatlan Deer

Here’s a tidbit to distract you from today’s game in Arlington — Elliott Johnson and Jon Weber are playing ball together again. They are both on the Mazatlan Mexican Pacific League team this year.

There’s this piece from a Venados de Mazatlan press release (Google translation)

After four wins in as many preseason games, Mazatlán Deer trained on Monday at the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium attended by Jon Weber, Elliot Johnson, Matt Clark, Freddy Sandoval and Rogelio Noris.

Weber and Clark took his first practice with the team, while Elliot Johnson coached for the second time as Freddy Sandoval, who is indeed fully recovered from surgery on his right wrist which was submitted by the organization of the Angels Los Angeles.

Weber's arrival was noted in a Mexican baseball blog called Baseball Mexico.

Just exactly how this works out with Weber's suspension we can only speculate.

In the meantime, Elliot's wife, Nicole. and son, Blake are traveling with him.

Good luck and have fun down there!


  1. Man you couldn't pay me enough money to go to Mexico...

    Kidnappings, rampant drug murder, the lot

    Hope they stay safe

  2. I have vacationed in Mexico many times, and there are numerous beautiful, friendly and enjoyable spots. I hope to go again sometime.

  3. Mexico is currently more dangerous than it has been in the past and if you don't believe it fine go at your own peril...

  4. Works for me. If you want, I will even send you a postcard. :)

  5. Yehhaaa

    Rays still alive

    Tuesdays game sounds worthy of a trip to Tobacco road...

  6. That was a nice win. Too bad DJ wasn't able to contribute, but Longoria and Upton finally hitting (and Pena).

  7. Should make for a great game 5. Longoria is pretty impressive, hitting that well considering how hard it looked for him to run.

    With Lee and Price, can't expect too much offense on Tuesday.