Thursday, October 7, 2010

Navarro Out; Ashley In

Apparently Dioner Navarro, who spent the end of the year with the Bulls, decided that the Rays weren't treating him right and turned down a backup role for the Rays during the playoffs. [St. Pete Times]

That means that Nevin Ashley, who played with Bulls at the end of the season after a full year with Montgomery, will be hanging out in St. Pete and probably Texas for the next few days. Background on Ashley here. That also means that all the roster manipulation involving Jose Lobaton that was going on at the end of the year may have been for real, otherwise you'd think it would be Lobaton, not Ashley, as a backup.

Lastly, we're a bit surprised at the hostility shown by some bloggers towards Navarro. Speaking strictly from the Bulls point-of-view (is there any other?), he did a good job for us and we wish him well.


  1. Well, if you want a good reason to not be a Rays fan, I think the team gave it to you with these last two games.

  2. Why be hostile? His decision may have been a bit hasty... that's about the worst I can say about it. But like the other bloggers, I don't know the full story.

  3. its just a bizzanezzz

    he did a great job playing for the de Bulls this summer so best of luck to him

    The Rays better get "started" soon

    I was hoping for a World Series Victory

  4. Not to be too negative, but Rays not doing so well. At least Dan Johnson has handled his opportunities OK — two times at the plate as pinch hitter, two walks. Would have been nicer if he'd homered. Coming back from 0-2 will be really touch. Guess I'll have to root for the Giants.