Saturday, June 1, 2013

Players, Programs, Etc.

In remembrance of ... yesterday ... more moves.
  • Jim Paduch has been sent to Montgomery. Punishment for finally having a good game? That's what happens when good things get said.
  • Jeff Beliveau is coming back from wherever the Rays were this time (Cleveland) after not pitching again.
  • Alex Torres (to have been tonight's starter) has been called up. He is pitching as I type this.
  • Josh Lueke is coming back after a pretty good midnight special last night.
There are days when I think this stuff isn’t worth keeping track of. Why don't we just go to the game and see who shows up in a Bulls uniform?


  1. So, uh Paduch retired apparently instead of go to Montgomery. Poor Biscuits...

  2. So I hear. Wonder if he even went to Montgomery. Will have to dig around some.