Thursday, June 20, 2013

Yates! Yates! Yates!

Bark in the Park at the DBAP

Season: 46-27; Home Stand: 5-2
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Kirby Yates came into the game late with every chance of becoming the hero or the goat — and it was a near-run thing which it would be.

The Bulls had every right to feel fairly comfortable at the top of the 8th. They were ahead 3-0 and Jeff Beliveau, who’d been having a decent year, came in after new guy Merrill Kelly’s solid seven innings. But after five batters a run was in, the bases were loaded, and there was only one out. Get out the hook. Bring in the closer.

Yate got a ground out that scored a run and another ground out to end the 8th.

The Bulls were quiet for their 8th and Yates was quickly back on the mound on to start the 9th. He walked the first batter, setting up his second big opportunity to be the goat. The famously fast Bat Billy Hamilton came in to run for the Bats' Felhauer. Hamilton stole second base but Yates K’d the batter. One out. Hamilton stole third base, but Yates K’d the next batter. Two outs. Now Hamilton is dancing, but a weak pop to center fielder Bourgeois and Yates is the hero. Yeah, Yates!

Merrill Kelly got his first AAA win, but I have to say that overall this was not a good night for baseball … other than the dogs, of course. The Bats’ Daniel Corcino had a no-hitter going into the 4th, but also had put 6 runners on base through BBs and a hit batsman. Like so many games this home stand, the game was sloooow. Kelly was deliberate and if not flashy, he nevertheless was getting batters out. Only two offensive plays stood out, Jesus Flores' very timely RBI single in the 4th and Vince Belnome’s game-winning homer in the 5th. What a find Belnome has been.

Outside the game —
  • This home stand has allowed us to do a head-to-head statistical matchup of the performance of two catchers as pitchers. With the Louisville Bats we have Corky Miller. Miller has seen action in 3 games in 2013 (6 in his career). His 2013 ERA is 7.71 over 4 ⅔ innings. The Durham Bulls’ Craig Albernaz has appeared in 2 games in 2013 (13 in his career). His 2013 ERA is a stunning 0.00 over 2 innings. Millers specialty is a knuckleball. Albernaz was reportedly working on a cut fastball over the winter, but we weren’t able to getting any feedback on whether he had used it this year. Albernaz clearly has the bragging rights for AAA catchers as pitchers for 2013. There are some trivial differences in career stats, but since this is a Bulls blog, we won’t go into that.
  • Infielder Ryan Roberts is reported to be in town and ready to play. Jake Odorizzi is back from a decent outing with the Rays up in Boston and likely to go back into the rotation.

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