Friday, July 19, 2013

Back From the Break, a Bit Rusty

Season: 63-36; Home Stand: 5-1
Wrap, Box, Herald-Sun

Jake Odorizzi showed the effects of a seven day break in his routine, but perhaps more worrisome is the similarity of last night’s game to his outing back on July 5, when he had a nasty 4-run inning. The major difference is that last night was worse from an overall stats point of view (fewer innings, more BB). But it could have been more lopsided if Bulls defenders had not caught two runners at the plate as they were trying to score.

Nevertheless, the Bulls had a shot at catching up in the 7th and 8th and could not quite get there.

Cole Figueroa had a good night drawing three walks and scoring two runs. He is a terrific leadoff guy.

This was, I think, Evan Frey’s first experience in front of the Blue Monster in left field. He had something of a baptism of fire when Pawtucket started bouncing balls off of it. He was in left because Jason Bourgeois was back in center field. With Brandon Guyer in right, for the first time in recent memory the Bulls had three outfielders in the outfield.

New guy Ramon Ramirez had a very nice inning plus. Sure wish someone in the real media would chase down how come he's here. Glad to have him, mind you, just curious.

Outside the game —
  • Hope that Ryan Roberts has his passport with him. Roberts was leaning on the dugout rail last night, a last minute scratch from the game. The speculation was that he wasn’t fully recovered from a hamstring problem. Turns out that Rays’ first baseman James Loney is off on a paternity leave and Roberts was just hanging out at the DBAP before leaving to join the Rays in Toronto.

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