Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bull City Summer Exhibit Opens

As we’ve mentioned here a couple times, Bull City Summer was a project to capture a season at the DBAP and now they are beginning to show off their work beyond the world-wide web.

I've put a couple of their images up over the last few months, but I'm not going to do that this time. You'll have to go see for yourself.

We visited the exhibit today (Feb 23) and here are some thoughts: some trivial (what else would you expect from WDBB?), some that we hope will pique your interest enough to go take a look.

You don’t have to be a Durham Bulls fan or a fan of baseball to have a enriching experience. This show is simply solid artistry worthy of your time and attention.

Furthermore, even if you were a regular follower of Bull City Summer on the web, I’m here to tell you that the deficiencies of the web to convey visual/emotional information are made clear. You simply cannot match the impact of seeing these images in person by staring at a computer screen. Go see what the artist intended.

Nor should you wait for the book. It will be impossible for a book to do justice to most of these photographs. In fact, an argument can be made that book format simply isn’t the right way to present some of these works. And besides, if you live in the Triangle, it’s convenient and free. What a deal!

Some of the photos are simply stunning and go far beyond baseball in their emotional impact. In fact, although it might help that you’ve been to a baseball game or two in your life to appreciate the scenes, it probably is not necessary. These are deeply thoughtful images of an aspect of summer in Durham, North Carolina, surely the artists’ intention.

As for the trivial: the NC Museum of Art has two buildings the “East” and the “West” or, for folks who’ve been around for a while, the Old (East) and the New (West). The Bull City Summer show is in the East building (signs point the way once you get out of the parking lot). Once in the building, ask for directions. Photos are arranged by artist and take up a couple of galleries.

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