Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ugly, Ugly, Ugly

Wrap, Box, Rochester

Season: 56-48; Home Stand: 1-2; Standings
Wrap, Box, Rochester

The Rochester Red Wings did not score one earned run last night.

And that just about says it all. Plenty of blame to go around, but this was the worst, by far, game of the year for Durham Bulls defense. Prior to last night, the most errors in one game had been two. This set a new record. Another new record was strikeouts, 16, but in an 11-inning game that’s bad, but not the worst of the year. That would be 15 K’s in a 7-inning game on May 16 against Charlotte. Buy, hey, the Bulls won that game 6-2. So it wasn’t the K’s, it was the E’s.

Outside the game —
  • You have to think that Neil Allen must have puffed up with pride when he looked at the Rays/Cardinals box score yesterday morning. All the pitchers were former Durham Bulls and 3 out of 4 from this year. 
  • Jeff Beliveau was among them. He’s been called up for the 4th time this year. He’s only made three game appearances, though.
  • No replacement for Beliveau has been named. The Bulls are operating one relief pitcher short in the bullpen and used three last night.


  1. With Hellickson set to be activated this weekend, I assume Beliveau will be optioned back.

    Errors aside, Rochester pitching, especially starting pitching these last two games has been outstanding.

  2. Good points. I was just being a bit snarky and lazy. Watched the last several innings from home on TV. Was painful. And, for the first time that I've seen, the TV crew missed a couple of key plays.

    You're probably right about the Beliveau/Hellickson connection.

    Rochester pitching is impressive. As a whole, they are a better team than the Bulls at the moment.