Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tough Trip; Now Gwinnett

Game 84; 28 June; Bulls 4 - Pawsox 6
Wrap, Box

Game 85; 29 June; Bulls 4 - Pawsox 7
Wrap, Box

Game 86; 30 June; Bulls 0 - Pawsox 10
Wrap, Box

Game 87; 1 July, Durham Bulls 5 - Pawtucket Red Sox 3
Season: 46-41; Trip: 1-3
Wrap, Box, Providence Journal

The worrisome Durham Bulls come back to Durham for a short two-game visit in the midst of a tough stretch that began back on the 16th of June up in Louisville when the Bulls were 14 games above .500 and 7½ games ahead of Gwinnett in the South Division. Since that time the Bulls have lost 12 games and won just 3 (including last night). Fortunately for the Bulls' standings in the South, the Gwinnett Braves have not been doing much better and the Bulls are still 5 games ahead of them.

What’s gone wrong? Mostly starting pitching, as the chart of the running totals of ERA over the last 15 games shows.

Matt Andriese's work last night was the exception. And maybe, just maybe, Hak-Ju Lee’s bat has come to life. Lee went 3 for 4 including a home run, for what was, I think, his best one-game performance this year.

Andriese gave up two home runs (to the same guy, Pawtucket’s Corey Brown), but otherwise seemed in control.

Outside the game —
  • Alex Colome has been optioned back to the Bulls after a fine performance for the Rays against Baltimore.
  • Jeff Beliveau has been called up. Speculation is that he won’t stay long, but that the Rays may come looking for a position player. At the moment, only Hak-Ju Lee, Ali Solis, and Vince Belnome are on the Rays 40-man. But the Rays are past masters at manipulating that, so hard to tell if someone will be moving up soon.

Gwinnett has been having a tough year, but nothing wrong with their hitting. If the Bulls pitching does not get in order, this could be a difficult series for the home team.

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