Friday, May 29, 2015

Matchup: Syracuse Chiefs vs. Durham Bulls

The Washington Nationals’ Triple A team, the Rochester Chiefs, come to Durham today start a three-game series, the last the teams will play each other this year. The Chiefs are coming off a pretty awful run that saw them losing 12 of their last 13 games, including a 4 game sweep over in Norfolk earlier this week.

The Bulls and Chiefs played a three game series up in Syracuse earlier this month and won two out of three.

In the matchup, there’s been some change over the month, much of it not favoring the Bulls. The Chiefs stayed last in batting average; the Bulls dropped from 7th to 11th. The Chiefs also stayed 13th in the IL for OPS; the Bulls dropped from 3rd to 8th. The Chiefs were at #8 in ERA and dropped to #9; the Bulls dropped from #2 to #7.

The Chiefs have seen even more turmoil than the Bulls, as hard as that is to imagine. They have had 25 different players come to bat this year, but “only” 20 different pitchers. The Bulls have just 19 different ballplayers come to bat, but lead the Chiefs with 22 different pitchers.

The Chiefs’ parent team is breaking out of a slump. The Chief’s look to break out of theirs.

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