Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bulls Start With a Win; Callups Coming?

Game 72, Monday, June 20, Durham Bulls Athletic Park, Durham, North Carolina
Charlotte Knights (White Sox): 2
Durham Bulls (Rays):3
10 innings
Season: 31-41; Home Stand: 1-0
Wrap, Box, Herald-Sun

Game Score: Marks 60; Season Avg 49 (9 games, 53.1 innings)
Tm OPS: Game .575; Season .644
Tm wOBA: Game .261; Season .291

Justin Marks had an unusually good start, but left the game with the Bulls behind by one run. The bullpen crew threw no-hit ball for 3⅔ innings and the Bulls scored a run on a Nick Franklin single, a Richie Shaffer double, and a Dayron Varona single tieing the game.

In the 10th, after the Bulls got runners on 1B and 3B, Charlotte let Cameron Seitzer get to 2B on defensive indifference, then gave up on a 3-2 1 (oops! Tnx Chris) count and intentionally walked Johnny Field. Knights pitcher Tommy Kahnle walked Daniel Robertson and the Bulls got their first win in quite a while.

This is a critical series for the Bulls as they reach the half-way point of the season. Good start.

Outside the game —
  • The Bulls are now ½ game out of second place in the south.
  • Two Tampa Bay players were injured yesterday. WDBB favorite Mikie Mahtook had his hand broken by a pitch and infielder Steve Pierce pulled a hamstring. More info here and here
  • Can expect two callups today. Bulls currently on the Rays 40 man are Richie Shaffer, Nick Franklin, and Luke Maile. However, the Rays are very clever about manipulating the rules. So, they could add to the roster. Who gets a call? I'd guess Richie Shaffer for one. But who else? Dayron Varona? Or give a prospect a shot? Johnny Field?
Update: Nick Franklin got the call to Tampa Bay (playing in Cleveland). Juniel Querecuto called back from Montgomery. Still short one on roster.
Update to Update (16:19): Relief pitcher Ryan Garton recalled (didn't occur to me that Rays would reach out for a pitcher. Bulls now two short on roster.


  1. There was some real AAA quality managing and playing in this one.

    Sandberg seems to give hitters a green light on 3-0 a lot. For some reason this includes Maile who's barely a .200 hitter. Last night was an example, but it's happened previously as well. Sorry, just take there guy.

    And how many outs on the bases have the Bulls made this season? 2 last night, one of which was close, but again why is Maile stretching a single and another that was a disaster. Play is unfolding in front of Verona and he's out by 30 feet.

    On the flip side, walking Field on a 3-1 pitch (not 3-2) to setup a force with 2 outs is a ridiculous decision. At that point the Charlotte pitcher had thrown about 55% strikes, so it's not like he was spotting things. Field may be one of the better Bulls hitters, but it's all relative. I'm not saying throw a cookie, but an IBB there makes little sense.

    1. Ooops re 3-1. Thanks.
      Agree about baserunning mistakes.
      Mostly not happy w/Bulls manager. To give him his due he did pull Marks when he should have (unlike Sunday in Norfolk). Otherwise, think he should be getting more out of what he's got.

    2. Agree Sandberg should be getting more from the guys. As you pointed out, it's beginning to look a lot like 2006, with one difference: that team had BJ Upton, Elijah Dukes, and Delmon Young, all guys who made it to the bigs. And I believe Chris Richard was also on that team.


    3. And Kevin Cash, Joel Guzman, Joey Gathright, Darnell MacDonald. Chris Richard wasn't here yet. But Kevin Witt was. Gotta admit they were fun to watch.