Saturday, July 16, 2022

Charlie Montoyo Leaves Toronto


Charlie Montoyo, May 9, 2011, Back to the DAP

Charlie Montoyo, my all-time favorite Durham Bulls manager was dismissed by the bosses in Toronto after what seemed to me to be a fairly short bad spell of games. Probably more to it than that. 
Stories here, here, here.

Charlie Montoyo, May 2013

Who knows what happens now. Working for billionaires and managing a crowd of millionaires has got to be tough. With the Bulls, his job was very different. It was to hone the skills of the youngsters in his care and, secondarily by very successfully, win games. He did a very, very good job of that for plenty of years and championships. A search on this blog will surely turn up a bunch of stories.

Here's hoping Charlie and his family the very best.

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