Monday, July 11, 2022

Week 14: Bulls Split Series; Roster Turmoil

The Durham Bulls split their series with the Memphis Redbirds and finished in a three-way tie for first place in the International League East (Jacksonville and Lehigh Valley). Given the extraordinary roster turmoil of the week, that 3-3 series is pretty good. 

On just one day four players were called up to the Tampa Bay Rays (Jonathan Aranda, Luke Raley, Josh Fleming, and Phoenix Sanders) and two were "activated" (Diego Infante and Calvin Faucher). Earlier we heard that Brandon Lowe is on his way for a rehab assignment. Vidal Brujan is on his way down from Tampa Bay. New guy Joe Wieland showed up, as did Carlos Garcia

You can't tell the players without a program — which you can't get no more at the DBAP without a cellphone.

Statistics for the week were OK. Starting pitchers are doing just fine, but the relief crew is not. Hitters had a big day on Friday's 13-0 blowout, but overall the OPS grew only a few points (.768 to .774). Nevertheless, the Bulls are one of the best hitting teams in the league (before losing their best hitter in Aranda). 

International League (and Triple-A) Playoffs

I guess I wasn't paying attention earlier in the year, but Patrick Kinas mentioned that playoffs will be going on out in Las Vegas in late September and early October. First, there will be a one-game playoff between the IL East winner and the IL West winner. Then there will be a similar game between the Pacific Coast League division winners. Finally, a national championship game on Oct 2. A few comments just for the record. A single game is no way to decide a "championship" in baseball. What happened to the Governors' Cup? It was proudly displayed in the DBAP trophy case for several years (and on several of my t-shirts). No mention.

Matchup: Bulls v Strippers

For a team that is in 6th place in the IL West, the Strippers/Bulls matchup is much closer statistically than I'd expect. Their pitching numbers and defensive numbers are better than the Bulls. Could be some good games.

After Sunday the 17th, the minor leagues shut down for the All-Star break. The Bulls are back at the DBAP on Friday the 22nd for a three-game set against Norfolk, then a 6-game set against Lehigh Valley.

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