Saturday, July 2, 2022

Game 75: Bulls in First Place!


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All is right with the world! 

The Durham Bulls have ascended to their rightful position as the leading team in the International League East. What a terrific recovery. 

Back on May 11, they were hovering around 8 games below .500 and that was the worst record in the league. Now at mid-season, they are 8 games above .500 and are a half-game ahead of everyone in the East. Well done! 

It has not been easy and this five-team cluster is likely to stay that way for the next several weeks. Not helping were those Tampa Bay relievers who were not vaccinated and unable to travel to Toronto, leading to a severe depletion of the Bulls bullpen (Bulls' relievers have given up 20 runs in the last three games!). 

Nevertheless, this is a remarkable achievement. Congratulations to the Bulls!

Here's hoping for a great 4th of July for all of us!

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