Monday, March 2, 2009

How The Players are Doing, #1

My guess is that anyone who’s managed to find this site also knows how to chase down the box scores for Rays spring training games, so I won't post the links here. They’ve played five games so far, winning 1 and losing 4.

But we can keep an eye on potential Bulls by checking out their spring training stats. They can be found here. Several are doing just fine, with the exception of Reid Brignac who’s yet to get a hit. Jon Weber’s gotten a couple of RBIs, as has Eliot Johnson and Fernando Perez. A couple of key Rays players are either not yet playing or off with the World Baseball event, so several potential Bulls are probably getting more playing time than they’d normally get.

Missing from action on the pitching side is Jeremy Cummings. He was on the roster at the start of training, but he’s yet to make an appearance. Too bad. He played very well for us last year, filling a big hole in the rotation when he showed up from Taiwan. See the item over at The Rays Party (Thanks, Cork).


  1. what are your thoughts on Chris Mason and if he's going to be able to make it?

  2. According to Stacy Long over at the Montgomery Advertiser, Chris will start the year as a Biscuit. My guess is that if he's gotten it together this year, he'll be back in Durham when Price and/or Davis go up to the Rays. See my post today for links.