Monday, June 21, 2010

Bye-Bye to the Bats

Game 69: Durham Bulls 5, Louisville Bats 1
Season: 41-28; Last 10: 6-4
Wrap, Box, Louisville Courier-Journal

This bat chosen for the “cute” factor.

Everyone say, “Awwww!”.

OK, back to baseball.

All was right with the world. The Bulls had everything in hand. Players we know well from years past were at their best. Jeremy Hellickson was pitching. Justin Ruggiano, Chris Richard, and Omar Luna were hitting well.

Wait a minute. Omar Luna? Who the heck is Omar Luna?

Omar was briefly with the Bulls early in the season, but didn’t get on the field. A 23 year-old infielder from the Dominican Republic he got his first Triple-A at bat in Louisville last Thursday. [stats] He’s with the Bulls since the infield was depleted with the injuries to Elliot Johnson and Joe Dillon, the departure of Ryan Shealy, and J.J. Furmaniak’s leave to attend the birth of his new child. Will he stick with the Bulls? Probably not. Is he having fun? I hope so. Last night he played second base and was 4 or 4 with two doubles and an RBI. He’s hitting .500 since he showed up.

Gotta throw in this chart that provides a look at Hellickson’s numbers so far this year. Also makes me wonder how useful the FIP stat really is over time.

I thought that we’d keep this young man with us most of the year. But that was before the Rays started their run down the rabbit hole (they dropped out of first place last night). Since it sure looks like the problem down that way (at the moment) is pitching, I’m getting worried that our Jeremy may go up there for more than a cup of coffee, while someone (Wade Davis, maybe) gets sent to us for sorting out.

Off to Indianapolis, a short ride up the road. Maybe the shortest bus ride of the year. A Pirates farm team, they are 38-32 on the year. Don’t know if they are suffering from the turmoil of their parent club.

Maybe one or two of our new pitchers will show up as well.

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