Monday, June 14, 2010

Late Start, But That’s OK

Game 64: Durham Bulls (Rays) 13, Gwinnett Braves (Braves) 6
Season: 39-25
Last 10: 8-2
Wrap, Box

Five o‘clock start time, so we arrived outside the DBAP at 4:45 — along with the storm. We had no choice but to dash from the parking deck to the Tobacco Road Cafe. Our first time and we liked it. Food choices interesting, many were nicely spiced, prices OK. Best of all it was a good way to kill time while we waited for the tarp to get pulled. We came over to the DBAP just after they pulled the tarp, but then they put it back on. It was a little after six then and we were beginning to understand that baseball, when it happened, was not going to be over for a long time. We went home.

Back home I launched a search for the Bulls on Time-Warner cable. It was not easy and the Bulls website, previous emails to the Bulls, or the Time-Warner website were not helpful. The Raleigh News & Observer offered a cryptic clue — WRAZ DT2. I punch up Channel 151 and some kids’ show is on. But, 7:00 we suddenly were treated to a shot of the DBAP and the voices of Neil Solondz and Scott Pose. All is well!

All is well, that is, until Carlos Hernandez gets bludgeoned for four runs in the first. A home run, a double, a triple, and two singles. Really pleased now that we left. Once this gets really painful I could just turn it off. However (trumpets sounding in the distance), JJ Furmaniak starts us off with a single, the first of his three hits (another single and a double, plus a walk); Desmond Jennings follows with an RBI triple, the first of his two hits (a single, plus an RBI sac fly and an RBI walk); Matt Joyce follows with an RBI double the first of his five hits (two more doubles and two singles). Two runs are in and things are looking much better. Plus Carlos settles in over the next several innings. In the 4th the Bulls bat around and put 6 runs across, the key moment being Ryan Shealy’s bases clearing three RBI standup triple.

We’ve mentioned Jennings and Joyce, their hitting continues to improve. Fernando Perez made a brilliant over-the-shoulder catch in the 2nd, and maybe, just maybe, is sneaking out of his slump (two singles). Chris Richard is a bit snake bit, but he’ll come out of it. He usually does.

Overall, a very, very nice 5-1 home stand.

Odds and Ends
  • I’m beginning to appreciate what Scott Pose brings to Bulls broadcasting. He and Neil make a very good team. Humor. Perspective. None of the big ego some former major leaguers bring to a broadcast booth. Plus Scott has a ton of time in AAA ball (as well as the majors), so he brings a lot of on-the-field experience to the table. For the curious, here’s his major league and minor league stats. Didn’t know that he was an alum of the University of Arkansas (as am I). Which did not, of course, influence these comments.
  • Here’s a kick in the head. The Bulls got on a bus right after the game for an overnight ride to Laurenceville, GA (that’s the town the G-Braves play in). The Braves spent the night in Durham and are flying out today. Who’d want to wish them ill, but it’s entirely possible that the bus ride from Hartsfield Airport on the south side of Atlanta to Laurenceville, on the north side, could take almost as long as the Bulls ride. We can hope.
  • The Bulls are not back until June 25th. Very weird scheduling.


  1. I was kicking myself for not ambling over to the ballpark ...but "watching on the radio" with Neal The Deal was A-OK

  2. I would love to be able to "amble" over to the ballpark, rather than drive half an hour! Are there good places to live close to the ballpark?

  3. By ambling I meant a 20 minute drive but still ambling in my is a state of mind LOL

    I think Durham is least I would like to believe it is in terms of places to live.
    So yes there are good spots you could bike to the ballpark from.

  4. I live a 5 minute drive from the park and love it in my neighborhood. There are apartments in the American Tobacco complex, but I have heard mixed things about them. There are some very expensive downtown lofts in the Kress Building, though I think the last available one may have sold recently. I think that Mangum 506 still has residential spots available, and that should be walkable to the DBAP.