Thursday, June 24, 2010

Joyce to Tampa Bay; Navarro to Durham

The Tampa Tribune is reporting that Matt Joyce is on his way to join the Rays and that catcher Dioner Navarro has been optioned to the Bulls. [Thanks for the heads up, DRR]

At a guess, the Joyce call-up is related to Carl Crawford’s shoulder problem, but the news is just breaking, so we’ll have to wait on that.

After an unusually quiet first half of the season, it’s starting to look like the shuffling between teams and on/off the DL is picking up. Counting these two, we’ve had 14 transactions since June 12th.


  1. unrelated comment...

    Looking forward to going back to the ballpark tomorrow night, was wondering what happened with the organ player they used to have?

    I for one would be happy if they gave that guy a giant Wurlitzer and turned off that canned crap they run thru the speakers.

    If they did that I would also expect the guy to rise to the occasion and play some real ballpark organ snippets of Beatles songs or any other junk. The real thing.

    I think everyone would like it especially the little kids who must be freaked out by the crap they now play

    Hope someone agrees with my rant..LOL

  2. Would be interesting. I find myself wishing he'd get the sheet music to "Jaws" so he'd get the chords right.

    Best night last year was when the power went out and we played baseball without any extraneous sounds at all, except us. A nice day.

  3. yeah they need a new organist along with a new organ