Monday, January 24, 2011

Desmond Jennings ... and more ...

A bit of web surfing today led to a couple of interesting items I thought worth passing on:

Over on DRaysBay "FreeZorilla" makes the argument that Desmond Jennings and the Rays would be better off if Jennings started the season with the Durham Bulls. I think this piece is the first time (other than here and, I think, one of Adam Sobsey's posts over at IndyWeek) I've seen someone mention that Mr. Jennings really didn't have all that good a year in 2010. Worth a look. |DRaysBay|

Saturday we (and others) were wondering if Justin Ruggiano might be left out in the cold. Tommy Rancel has a piece on The Process Report where he takes a look at a prospective lineup for the Rays. Guess who doesn't even get mentioned? Does not look good, from the webworld prospective, for Justin and the Rays/Bulls this year. |The Process Report|

There's a new blog out there that promises to be keeping an eye on the Durham Bulls this year. Rays Baseball Factory. Blogger David Bloom apparently lives in the Triangle area and has a deep interest and blogging experience with the Rays. Great. The more the merrier, especially someone who appears to have a handle on all this twitter/facebook stuff about which I am willfully ignorant. |Rays Baseball Factory|

Lastly, for those interested in delving into the world of garfooses (or is it "the garfoose"?) there's Dirk Hayhurst's blog. He's on his way to Rays' spring training. Outside chance that he will show up here. Would be fun if he did. |Dirk Hayhurst|