Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Neil Solondz on Rays/Cubs Trade and the Bulls

Bulls broadcaster Neil Solondz is as knowledgable a guy on the Bulls as there is. Here's a terrific run down on what the big Garza/Perez trade with the Cubs might mean to the Bulls.


  1. I'll miss 'Nando:

  2. Saw that. Even more fun, if you chase the links a bit, you'd find the author apologizing and 'Nando responding in a gentlemanly way. Ended up being a very interesting exchange. So yeah, we'll miss him.

  3. I see the Durham Bulls are now offering tickets for the May 9 game at the old DAP.
    They would be well advised for this occasion to
    bring in local food vendors for the occasion...
    Hopefully a Bulls rep will read this