Saturday, January 8, 2011

Perez to Cubs

The Rays are reportedly about to close a deal sending pitcher Matt Garza to the Chicago Cubs. Somewhat buried in the details of the trade is the item that Durham Bull outfielder Fernando Perez is part of the package.

We really, really like Perez. I don’t think anybody provided as much excitement as he did throughout 2008. But since then he’s had his troubles and we’ve written about them here a couple of times. This is potentially a really good deal for him and for the Rays. Assuming he has gotten his health back on track (at no point last year did he look like the player we saw in 2008), Chicago just might be the place for him. And besides, he’s a big city guy and Chicago could be his kind of town. On the other hand, the Cubs’ AAA team is in Des Moines, Iowa. That should give him plenty of incentive in spring training.

We are going to miss him here at Watching Durham Bulls Baseball.

Thanks for all the hard work and great baseball you brought us, Fernando. Good Luck!

Here are a few links.

Telephone interview yesterday by Mark Topkin of St. Petersburg Times.

Terrific 2010 interview with Adam Sobsey of the Independent Weekly.

Very funny video from early 2010 where Perez laments the difficulties of getting by on $400,000 a year.

Some details on the trade.

A couple of the players coming from the trade could end up in Durham eventually. See comments here and here.

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  1. It will be sad to see him go, but I agree that is is a better situation for him.