Friday, January 28, 2011

Roster Projections, Chris Archer, Jake McGee, and More

Another good day for a bit of surfing around —

Over at Rays Index, Cork Gaines has put up his 25-man and 40-man roster projections. As is often the case, some really interesting stuff in the footnotes. Pleased to see that he's got Justin Ruggiano still in the running.

DRaysBay takes the approach of projecting prospect locations in various Rays' affiliates. There are some interesting names; however the approach of looking only at prospects doesn't tell Bulls fans much about what the full Bulls roster might look like this year.

Over at The Process Report, R.J. Anderson takes a look at Jake McGee. Our little section of the stands did a good bit of guessing about Mr. McGee last year since it seemed to us that the Rays had decided he was to be a reliever/closer. And that was the only thing he did with the Bulls and the Rays last year. But maybe not. Anderson seems to think that the decision has not yet been made. That could mean that the Bulls begin the season with three potential superstar starters. Now that would be fun to watch.

Chris Archer, former hot Cubs prospect, now in Rays system, and local (Clayton) product was at the Raleigh Hot Stove League gathering the other night. Very articulate and personable young man. Interesting interview with Neil Solondz here and one from the St. Petersburg Times here.

Lastly, a few more non-roster invitees have been announced. Very pleased the see Craig Albernaz and Brian Baker on the list. As careful readers know, WDBB likes Craig a lot even if he didn't get to spend much time with the Bulls last year. In fact, he won the 2010 Moonlight Graham Award. Great that he will be getting another look by the Rays. Brian Baker had a terrific season with the Bulls in 2010. Would be happy to see him back with the Bulls in 2011.

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