Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring At Last

** 30 Days!! **

  • The Bulls had their fanfest recently. I was out of town, but Triangle Business Journal was there and got some cute pictures, including the one above.
  • Auditions for singing the National Anthem are coming up on March 10th. That gives me a chance to once again congratulate the Bulls front office for coming up with the idea to invite local choral groups to sing. That was an inspired thought and has been greatly appreciated by we regulars.
  • Stacy Long of the Montgomery Advertiser has sifted through the Rays media guide and come up with a list of all the Rays minor leaguers. Last year Stacy got down to minor league spring training and did some reporting. Here's hoping he does so again sometime this month.
  • Rays Prospects' Jim Donten also seems to be spending some time in Port Charlotte, so it should be worth your time to keep an eye on Rays Prospects.
  • The last time we had a hot shortstop prospect pass through Durham the results were, shall we say, mixed. Nevertheless, Tim Beckham is getting some attention down south on a couple of sites. Here are stories from mlb.com and Rays Colored Glasses. He seemed to be getting comfortable with AAA last year. I'm guessing we'll see a lot of him this year.

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